Aug 162008

It seems the Queensland Premier is punting for the Mary Whitehouse Award. No tits out on the Gold Coast! Have you ever heard anything more ridiculous, reader? Queensland’s Gold Coast, Australia’s highlight of hedonism, will become the place of puritans for a week in October because Anna Bligh doesn’t think boobie flashing from high-rise balconies is suitably representative of the Queensland lifestyle. Time to join the rest of Queensland society, Anna, and accept that getting your knockers out during Indy is as ‘Surfers Paradise’ as the concrete canyons of the glitter strip itself. Just keep yours to yourself if naked […]

Jul 182008

Twelve months ago today, I wrote this post as an attention-getter, in a bid to have the author of the example nuisance email pay attention to my requests, which have since become complaints, to have my email address removed from his mindless mailing lists.

Jul 092008
Boring Blogday In Brisvegas

Okay, I’ll admit to having nothing much to write about today. Politics is boring. Climate change is far too vague at present to make any worthwhile comment about, and besides, I haven’t finished reading the Garnaut Report yet. In desperation, I opened the Daily Telegraph – you know the one – and blow me down if the word ‘dump’ didn’t leap off the screen at me. Pammy dumps on Tommy; Jana gets dumped by the AOC; Morris thinks Labor want to dump him; a Parramatta thugby fan get’s dumped and David Gallop dumps on Russell Crowe. Then there’s Michael Hagan […]

Jun 292008

Ever wondered just what does happen up the pointy end during those long international flights? I’d say Air India needs to make certain of the autopilot technology aboard its aircraft, and perhaps place a few appropriately loud speakers into cockpits. Clearly, making sure pilots are well rested and capable is also a major concern. Technorati Tags: sleep,aviation

Jun 272008

I suspect they are by now. This is just plain bizarre, but not at all unusual in my view. Not unusual for a religion which relies upon symbolism, icons, ritual and pretence to capture its audience. And their money. You can bet your last holey dollar that a great many transient dollars will be separated from their temporary owners during the Catholic church’s big drive to retain the interest of young people in its convocation of pomp and ceremony later this year, in Sydney. It’s bizarre, to me, because idols and such are supposedly anathema to monotheism, especially the christian […]