Apr 132010

Steve Keen, economics commentator and contributor to Business Spectator, is suffering the ignominy of having lost a punt he felt certain would come off in his favour.

Jan 072010

“The biggest challenge now is the sport marketing itself properly. We don’t have a major fast-moving consumer good in the field; NASCAR does. We don’t have a major financial player in the field; NASCAR does.” So says V8 Supercar driver manager, Dale Rodgers in the latest issue of V8X magazine.

Sep 172009

I’m not a Telstra shareholder and likely never would have been even in the best of times. I never felt comfortable with the Howard government sell-off and when the yanks took over management, simply laughed to myself everytime they hit the news. Kohler has a valid point in his Business Spectator article, but in reality, we all know that whatever Trujillo & his cohorts squirrelled out of the country, we’ll never see returned. Shareholders have definitely been shafted, however the lesson to be learned from the entire Telstra debacle, and this goes back to Frank Blunt who was also a […]

Jul 272009

I’ve just read through Kevin Rudd’s latest essay. My second exposure to the statistically prolific Rudd in writing – well, third if you count his recent blog on Climate Change. I have to admit that as with his February essay in The Monthly, I skimmed the final two ‘chapters’ having been worn down by the rhetoric, self-promotion and simple overload of data.

May 212009
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