Nov 032014

Yet again we see the IPCC telling us what we already know to be fact. We – the human species – need to stop digging up, drilling for and otherwise liberating fossil fuels as the major driver of our energy production. As Ban Ki Moon said, the science is in, and it is irrefutable Meanwhile, the nihilists, corporate sycophants, pseudo-religious fruitcakes and plain ignorant refuse to accept that unlocking millions of years of stored carbon in less than a millennium is having an irreversible, detrimental impact on the planets’ delicate biosphere. Sure, the planet will recover eventually, once the species liberating […]

Feb 252011

The shrillness of conservative zealots over Gillard’s announcement yesterday that Australia will head down the path to pricing carbon emissions, and then on to a market-based trading scheme for carbon emissions, confirms the vacuum in which conservatism finds itself on the question of Climate Change, and more pointedly, genuine public policy as a possible alternative government.

Feb 042011

Before I begin, I should make a correction to my post of yesterday. Whilst I strongly suspect Caroline Overington to be the author or at least editor of the ‘Cut and Paste’ column in The Australian, I am unable to accurately identify her as such. Therefore, any future observations of this small-minded piece of literary partisanship will NOT focus on Caroline Overington, despite my personal suspicions to the contrary.