Feb 042011

Before I begin, I should make a correction to my post of yesterday. Whilst I strongly suspect Caroline Overington to be the author or at least editor of the ‘Cut and Paste’ column in The Australian, I am unable to accurately identify her as such. Therefore, any future observations of this small-minded piece of literary partisanship will NOT focus on Caroline Overington, despite my personal suspicions to the contrary.

Jul 162008

It is ironic that governmental advisory reports on climate change are produced on paper, the production of which in and of itself consumes huge amounts of bleached dead trees. Surely the carbon minimised footprint is well in the red before any mitigation of carbon production actually begins.

Jul 102008

Radio National Breakfast has a segment between 7:30am and 8:00am where politican editor for the Melbourne Age makes comment on isues of the moment. The intro to this mornings five minute segemnt was something like " another day and another position within the coalition onthe proposed Emissions Trading Scheme". Then comment on the coalition’s achilles heel openly identifying what everyone must surely know by now.

Jul 022008

On Monday just gone, science remembered the centenary of of the largest impact on land of an object from space. Known today as the Tunguska Event, there remains no conclusive answer to the question of just what did enter the planet’s atmosphere over the Siberian tundra to annihilate at high altitude with more energy released than 150 Hiroshima bombs. The area of Siberia where the detonation took place is desolate. Frozen ground in winter, sodden swamp in summer. Expeditions into the region take place almost every year now, yet little of viable scientific evidence pointing to exactly what occurred has […]