Aug 302007

This Tamar Valley pulp mill saga has, more or less, washed over me to a great degree. I don’t live in Tasmania, and aren’t directly impacted by the proposal. I have sympathies with the likes of Peter Cundall who lives in the valley, but without definitive evidence being available for analysis, it’s a bit difficult to form an opinion either way.

Jun 182007

Further to my ’who-gives-a-shit’ rant from last week, I wonder just how many people realised that the International Space Station came closer than it’s ever done, since it’s initial meccano kit creation began in 1998, to falling out of orbit completely over the weekend. With installation of what NASA calls the S4 truss array supporting a set of solar sails capable of doubling the stations power output in readiness for installation of the European Space Agency module later this year, power systems could be switched from the ten year old P6 array. The switching didn’t go as planned, with a […]

Jun 152007

ABC News Online News from the ABC’s Investigative Unit which last night revealed what looks suspiciously like more underhanded movements by the Howardian cabal towards embracing the nuclear power cycle, is reminiscent of John Howard’s claims of non-involvement in ethanol marketing by the Manildra Group not so many moons ago.