May 062010

There’s a couple of very ‘doom_and_gloom’ articles on Business Spectator today by Messrs Kohler and Gottliebsen in relation to the Rudd government’s attempt to rape and pillage the resources sector. Some of the articles I agree with, such as Gottliebsen’s postulation that a capital strike will be enacted by the big miners, but seriously, I had to laugh at Kohler’s piece. Is Alan Kohler seriously that naive, or does he honestly believe the voters are so gullible as to not appreciate where in the political cycle we are right now? It’s an election year, for fuck sake! Of course the […]

Apr 132010

Steve Keen, economics commentator and contributor to Business Spectator, is suffering the ignominy of having lost a punt he felt certain would come off in his favour.

Mar 262010

Here’s a truly bizarre story from the land of the truly bizarre. The current American administration wants banks – a very broad term in US parlance – to reduce or even negate mortgage payments for people who are unemployed. To someone who has lived, eaten and breathed mortgage finance all his working life, this is unheard of, even more so for a capitalistic culture which supposedly prides itself on a reliance on free market dynamics as the cornerstone of its existence. But let’s back up a moment, and recall that the American usury culture has never been truly capitalistic. Had […]

Feb 122010

It’s patently clear from reading through Tony Makin’s Op-Ed in the Oz today, that as a supposed economic Professor at Griffith University he is most definitely NOT in the Keynesian camp.