Hawke – The Tele-Disappointment

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Jul 192010

I watched the Hawke tele-movie last night, hoping to see something of quality in a portrayal of Labor’s greatest leader of the modern era. Sadly, all I saw was a disjointed and emotionless profile backed by some mediocre acting. The characterisation of key Labor figures of the late `70’s was also pretty damn poor, I thought. To the point where I thought players other than ‘Hawke’ and ‘Keating’ should have been wearing signs on their chests to identify who they were. I picked up on Kim Beazley, Robert Ray, Bill Kelty and Graham Richardson but that was it for me. […]

Dec 262008
Rennie or Reeves?

Seeing as how we couldn’t afford to go away, even just camping, this year, we’ve returned to the once traditional Boxing Day movie outing. This year it was the re-make of ‘The Day The Earth Stood Still’, or as any fan of the original flick will tell you, TDTESS.

Oct 092008

I think it’s fair to claim that the cultural gap between America and Australia is akin to the Valles Marineris on Mars. Blind Freddie would have seen the difficulties in taking the Kath and Kim style of comedy from these shores and transplanting it into US actors, for consumption by a US audience. Crocodile Dundee as artful Australiana, which captivates the Yanks, who believe kangaroos actually hop down Martin Place, Sydney. Kath and Kim is the definitive Australian piss-take, self-deprecating look at Australians and Australian society. We just love laughing at ourselves. Something, in my experience, American culture has a […]