Jun 262008

QANDA …… I mentioned this program earlier in the week, principally to alert fellow bloggers to the fact that Tim Blair would be out in the light, and on national television. Well, I have to say, he certainly didn’t disappoint. The quips, snide asides and oblique references like the  differences between science and scientists as an explanation for climate change, in general, I think sailed entirely over the heads of the studio audience, and most probably the viewing audience as well. I noticed several vacant spaces after tongue-in-cheek remarks and somehow I don’t think Bill Shorten has much regard for […]

Jun 102008

My mornings are strictly regimented affairs. I must rise by 6:15am, shower, shave, shit (no shampoo ‘cos there’s not enough hair left to bother with) – not necessarily in that order – eat some toast, drink a cuppa, fleetingly peruse the e-mail then saddle up for another day in the fun factory by 7:15am. Time is clearly at a premium, so catching up on the news isn’t possible.

Apr 272008

In a bid to stave off the Sunday arvo blues (don’t kid me. Anyone with a nine-to-five they hate going to suffers the Sunday arvo blues), we trotted off to the flicks to see Deception

Apr 072008

If you’re a Battlestar Galactica Fan – and frankly, if you call yourself a Sci-Fi fan but you don’t follow BSG, then baby, you ain’t no Sci-Fi fan – like me you’ll be overjoyed to know that Episode One of Season Four aired on SciFi_dot_com Friday last.

Apr 072008
Cold Dead Hands

Arguably the screen world’s greatest ever character actor, has died. A mountain of a man in screen terms, Charlton Heston will always be, to me, Judah Ben Hur. He’ll be remembered for many roles. Many great and powerful dramatics. Moses, John the Baptist, Rodrigo Diaz, Michelagelo and General Charles Gordon. He’ll be remembered for great lines and big portrayals, but sadly, he’ll probably be remembered best for his proclamation regarding the right to bear firearms in the United States, as President of the National Rifle Association. Better he be remembered as the righteous Judah Ben Hur than the somewhat sanctimonious […]

Mar 232008
All Together Now...

…aaaawwwww….isn’t that nice? Being the totally crass philistine that I am, I must say that Rove’s tastes have improved somewhat over his last squeeze. Seriously though…..does anyone really care a fig what people in celebrity land do, and who they do it with? Am I the only one, apart from Australia’s MSM, who thinks Rove/Tassie (what an unfortunate nick. I bet she copped heaps) is worthy of anything other than a blog post?