Dec 052013

Here’s a tip for those of you taking an interest in Australian politics, in this desertified media landscape. The Global Mail and The New Daily are two of the newest and most refreshingly non-conservative oriented online media outlets available today. I particularly enjoy the writing style of Mike Seccombe at TGM while the no nonsense, unopinionated, factual reportage being provided by TND is refreshing, and in my view, what a ‘newspaper’ really ought to be all about. News, not some bigoted or biased so-called journalists personal opinion, conflated to appear as fact. Hello, News Limited? Yes, I’m looking at you, […]

Nov 242012

Today’s editorial appearing in The Melbourne Age. It speaks not volumes, but libraries of volumes. There is a better way forward. Australia has no need of dog-whistling, bible-thumping, narrow-minded political opportunists or poll-driven, electorally fearful and inconsistent leadership as representatives in our Parliament. We need people of character, moral standing and a willingness to stand by their genuine Australian ethos. Australia doesn’t need A change…..Australia simply needs TO change.