Afghanistan, or not Afghanistan

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Oct 192010

Let me firstly caveat what I’m about to write here by declaring that I know three-fifths of seven-eighths of sweet fuck all about events military in Afghanistan.

Aug 032009

I often find Op-Ed pieces in the daily rags to be either ideologically biased, un-necessarily critical or fawningly ridiculous. Let’s face it, when expressing our own opinions, which is what an Op-Ed is, we’re expressing our own personal biases, critiques, likes, dislikes or fondest wishes.

Jul 202009

Fascinating Op-Ed in today’s Australian, centred on the event of the day, the week in fact. The 40th anniversary of the first manned Moon landing and the first footprint on the lunar surface.

Feb 092009
Who Is To Answer?

We’ve seen it and we’ve heard all about it. Those of us living far away have no idea of what it must be like to have escaped a firestorm, and lost everything in the process. Some have lost those they loved and that must be tragic. My thoughts are with each and every person who has suffered or fears the suffering, fears the potential loss because they live in a bushfire-prone area. I’m drawn to wonder though, why satellite towns – locales, call them what you will – like Kinglake and Marysville are constructed such that dwellings and businesses are […]

Jan 062009

When your country has arseholed you at the polls, your party has emphatically told you it’s past time you were gone and when your approval rating is sub-30% and heading south with a bullet, there would seem to be little else you can do but form a  pud-pullers collective as the only way to remember better times. There’s always your friends to call on. All two of them. Technorati Tags: Ozpolitics,Howard,Bush,Blair

Oct 302008

I heard of this on the way home this evening. I find Keating’s view to be very narrow and dismissive of how those who go to Gallipoli actually treat the experience, and why they go. To be blunt, I believe Keating to be wrong, and wrong in the worst possible manner because he ignores individual rationale. If he chooses not to go there, because of some historically revisionist sense of nationalism, then so be it, but to openly decry the sentiments of those who do go, to remember those who went to Gallipoli out of senses which we, today, cannot […]