Jun 272008

I suspect they are by now. This is just plain bizarre, but not at all unusual in my view. Not unusual for a religion which relies upon symbolism, icons, ritual and pretence to capture its audience. And their money. You can bet your last holey dollar that a great many transient dollars will be separated from their temporary owners during the Catholic church’s big drive to retain the interest of young people in its convocation of pomp and ceremony later this year, in Sydney. It’s bizarre, to me, because idols and such are supposedly anathema to monotheism, especially the christian […]

Jun 252008

I heard a fleeting mention of this story on this morning’s Radio National early morning news. Initial reactions ranged from "Kaysar Trad? …. Islamic idiot!" to "Australian law doesn’t permit polygamy, nor does our culture. You want legal polygamy, then fuck off to where it’s legal". Sentiments echoed by a couple of workmates as we discussed various issues over lunch. I googled for a news reference to include in this post. Second link from the top, after the Triple-J RSS link, was this one. I recognise the nom de plume from mentions on Troppo, and y’know what? I think I […]

Jun 062007

……….and on the subject of the good vicar, Pell, it’s all very well for him to have his own opinion, even to expressing the view of his church on the issue of stem cell research. In fact, on any issue.