Nov 032014

Yet again we see the IPCC telling us what we already know to be fact. We – the human species – need to stop digging up, drilling for and otherwise liberating fossil fuels as the major driver of our energy production. As Ban Ki Moon said, the science is in, and it is irrefutable Meanwhile, the nihilists, corporate sycophants, pseudo-religious fruitcakes and plain ignorant refuse to accept that unlocking millions of years of stored carbon in less than a millennium is having an irreversible, detrimental impact on the planets’ delicate biosphere. Sure, the planet will recover eventually, once the species liberating […]

Nov 072011
Leading The Way

To the pedantic contrarians one runs into quite often on social media, who have their own fixated ideals for how life should unfold, then bleat like the sheep they are when they find it’s not, I post my most recent power bill below the fold….

Aug 042011
Drip-Along & Daffy

Joe Hockey shooting from the hip, yet again. Thing is, every time he does this, he whips off his pants as well as his six-shooter remains stuck in its holster, a-la-Daffy Duck. Poor Joe, it’s becoming harder & harder for him to take a trick.

Jun 212011

Ben Packham makes the inevitable Murdoch shot-in-the-back at departing Senator Fielding after Fielding today sank any chance of Abbott’s circus parade stunt of presenting a private member’s bill to the Upper House, in support of a plebiscite on the carbon ‘tax’.