May 312008

Just a brief note about the US shuttle program. It’s continuing. In fact it continues again at 11:00am tomorrow morning. Shuttle Discovery leaves pad 39a for a two week sojourn at the International Space Station, delivering the Japanese Kiko laboratory as the next portion of the low-Earth orbit reno going on over our heads. The Kibo lab is the largest single component of the ISS to be lifted into orbit to date. If you’re interested enough to consider watching what I reckon is an awesome display of power and high technology, not to mention an exceptional sum of US taxpayer […]

Mar 112008
Endeavour Flies

Endeavour goes up this afternoon. In fact, in approximately 29 minutes from right now. If you’re interested in watching live broadcasts from NASA, via the free NASATV site, I can strongly recommend it. UPDATE: Only because I wanted to post this pic taken some 7 seconds after Eneavour lifted off from Launch Pad 39a. Seriously, if you love watching these birds fly while worrying just a little about the danger to the astronauts, you can’t beat NASATV.

Jan 232008

According to this article on Spaceflight Now, those in the know in the US manned spaceflight program are already planning new presentations and new directions for the program once the Bush Administration ends in January next year.

Nov 162007

Have a listen to the audio attached to this article from NASA about the radio emmisions from Saturn. If it isn’t the sound effect soundtrack from the 1956 Fred M. Wilcox Sci-Fi thriller ‘Forbidden Planet’ then I’m not sitting here typing this.

May 122007
Making Stanley Jealous

is it 2010 already? Reminiscent of a scene from the sequel to ’2001-a Space Odyssey’, ’2010-the Odyssey Continues’, is this shot taken by the NASA probe, New-Horizons as it exited the Jovian system in March of this year. The shot depicts a tantalisingly blue Europa rising above the limb of Jupiter with an amazingly dense star field as a backdrop. Click on the thumbnail to appreciate the full-sized pic. New-Horizons is now undergoing preparation for hibernation until re-awaking around this time of year in 2015. The fastest spacecraft to have ever left this planet is now well over 6AU from […]

Apr 242007
Awesome Glory

The power and the glory of the source of all life within it’s realm. Sol, or as we commonly call it, the Sun, now scanned in three dimensions by NASA’s very own stereopticon, STEREO, or to give it’s full title, Solar Terrestrial Relations Observatory. The multimedia animations on the NASA STEREO site are particularly fascinating, and just a little awesome.