Apr 192007
Shields Up, Mr Worf!

Space shield to block radiation The idea has been likened to the deflector shields which protect the USS Enterprise and other spacecraft in Star Trek. Like their fictional counterparts, these shields could also be switched on and off. Gene Roddenberry and his school of scientific theorists would be enormously proud to know that so many space science advances are linked back to the original 1960’s Star Trek television series.

Mar 292007

Pieces of space junk from a
Russian satellite coming out
of orbit narrowly missed
hitting a jetliner over the
Pacific Ocean
overnight.Mercopress (via
lan chile space junk –
Google News )

Feb 222007
Boot in the Pants

Astronomy – Exclusive: New Horizons update 4 – S. Alan Stern Principal Investigator for NASA’s New Horizons mission to Pluto, Alan Stern, reports on the spacecraft’s progress as it approaches the solar system’s largest planet.

Jan 202007

Just how much damage does a KEV leave behind from an impact at more than 10,000m/sec? Sources claim millions of possible pieces of debris ranging from 1mm to 10cm or larger will now be in orbit, a great number of which will not de-orbit for decades. Naturally, any nation deploying a satellite killer in a time of military action, wants to know just how its own satellite resources are likely to be effected by debris left in orbit.

Nov 012006

NASA’s most famous observatory, the Hubble Space Telescope, will get a much anticipated life extension after all. NASA Administrator Michael Griffin announced on Tuesday that a space shuttle will be sent to upgrade Hubble and add a few years to the lifetime of the venerable queen of the sky. NASA to save Hubble, to astronomers delight – New Scientist Space. It’s difficult to both cheer and heave a sigh of relief at the same time, but I have to admit to a sensation akin to both upon reading this article. Hubble is indeed in an entirely different orbit to that […]