Wishful Pleading

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Oct 152010

What an absolute bullshit article this is. Written by an American right-wing thinktank pushing a conservative agenda with absolutely no understanding of Australian politics, Australian Liberalism, the Australian economic landscape or demographic. A TEA Party in Oz??? Not bloody likely!

and the bill goes to…?

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Jun 112010

Airbus nears search zone for teen sailor Abby Sunderland Base operating cost for an A330-300 comes out to A$6,372.73/block hour, according to CASA. A 14 hour round trip out of Perth comes out to just a tad under A$90,000. Hope Daddy has plenty of folding stuff stacked away. QANTAS and Western Australia’s emergency services will want their costs covered.

Mar 032008
Return on Investment

Remember this? It took a week or so, but Julia Gillard’s office came through for me. They’re just a cheap and nasty biro, not at all unlike the government which spawned them, however to me, they’re keepsakes. Oddities from a time when Australian society was ashamed to stand up and say, “Yeh, I’m proud to be Australian” because none of us were really. Can we stand up & say it now? Too early to tell, but at least the air’s fresher these days, metaphorically speaking anyway.

Dec 042007

While we’re on the subject of editorial influence, I can’t help but wonder of who’s volition this comes from. “On Saturday morning November 24, 2007, I (Caroline Overington) had an encounter with the Labor candidate for Wentworth, Mr George Newhouse, in circumstances that I sincerely regret. I hope that Mr Newhouse and I can put this incident behind us and I wish him all the best. The Australian regrets any embarrassment Mr Newhouse has endured and also wishes him well.” Ooooh, how that must have hurt!