Feb 262007

"I’m sorry to be losing a constituent but she could have run against me in Warringah without leaving home. I’m just a little surprised if she feels the way she does, she hasn’t done just that."
Tony Abbott on Maxine McKew’s preselection for the seat of Bennelong

The Howardian cabal is clearly fearful and skittish that people like McKew are actually taking the steps that she is taking. Moving home isn’t cheap, but Bannerman presumes the Labor Party is assisting with costs. The tactic of standing against Howard is a good one. It’s yet another mind game on the part of Kevin Rudd as his stated style is one of mind-fucking Howard at every opportunity. Bannerman believes the bravery of McKew in suggesting her stand, and Rudd’s acceptance of the opportunity, stand the party in good stead for later this year.

Tony Abbott is upset that she’s not standing against him? Surely……and Bannerman’s arse is a banjo. Warringah isn’t as borderline as Bennelong. As much as Abbott might like to believe he’s a lynch-pin politician, defeating him wouldn’t have half as much impact as defeating Howard will. The chiming in by the Liberal Party back bench in what is essentially a non-event in electoral terms overall, is also very revealing.

Bannerman believes McKew stands an excellent chance of taking Bennelong. She is highly intelligent, decisive, policy-oriented and well known to the demographic of Bennelong. Being a celebrity may not be the be-all and end-all, but being an intelligent, clever and focussed female in politics gets you pretty close.

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