Oct 252007

An interesting half-hour this morning on Radio Nation was The Media Report, by Anthony Funnell.

He looked at the issues of online political awareness among Australia’s concerned and engaged virtual communities, as well as that of what has become known as ‘Citizen Journalism’. To me, the latter term simply means ‘blogging’, but I’m getting the feeling, both from the article and from the websites mentioned in it, that this terminology is specifically aimed at something just a tad higher up the acceptibility ladder than your average blogger inserting their opinions into the ether.
I haven’t had a chance to have a really in-depth look at either website yet, and will probably have to wait until the madness of the work-a-day world fades into that first beer of the post-knock-off period before I can trawl deeper. There are those of you with more time for such pursuits than I, so do have a gander at the latest experiment from Online Opinion founder and blogger, Graham Young; and an Australian-oriented Digg counterpart.
Is it just tarted-up blogging partially sponsored by publically funded Co-operative Research Centres, or are these type of sites something new for Aussies in terms of ‘Citizen Journalism’?

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