Oct 172007

Finally, amid all the hoo-hah of the federal election campaign, an issue close to the heart of all red-blooded, heterosexual males, and doubtless a huge majority of females has received attention. Boobs, and their restraint, management and general well-being.

Female mammaries are something I personally take a great deal of interest in. Aesthetically and scientifically. My wife, large-breasted lady that she is, has had a scare with lumps and proper support does aid in the process of examination. Have you noticed, dear reader, that in overall societal terms, female breasts are becoming larger, earlier? The members of the itty-bitty-tittie committee seem to be dwindling dramatically as the years go by. At least in my perception, but then again, I’m a ‘big boob’ man anyway, so I suppose my occular receptors do tend to gravitate towards the larger specimens.
I’m told, and have read, that this phenomenon has nothing to do with the chicken or beef we eat, but something clearly has. Perhaps women are indulging in those ‘I-must-I-must’ enlargement exercises more often?
Whatever the cause, it’s pleasing to see a major manufacturer of mammary maintainers travelling the countyside teaching women just what a brassiere is for, how it should fit and the benefits of proper choice in undergarment. Even if it is really only extolling the virtues of it’s own product. Still, better to have your heart crossed than your knees bruised.
Oh….and why do we men have such an attraction for those large, round, soft mounds of femininity? Because they’re great, that’s why.

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