May 122007

"I want you to know that the American people do not support a policy of retreat. We want to complete the mission, get it done right, and return with honour." – Dick Cheney doing another Mission (yet-to-be)Accomplished – ABC News Online

At least this ageing compulsive teller of non-truths had the luck of the Gods with him (couldn’t possible have been good planning) in that he delivered yet another of his ’we’ll fight ’em on the beaches’ tirades from the deck of an aircraft carrier other than the USS Abraham Lincoln. I doubt the crew of that vessel ever wants their ship to be the backdrop for another failed political pork-pie contest.

Seriously, does Cheney really believe anyone gives an intercontinental ballistic flying fuck whether Iran becomes a member of the nuclear club? Maybe this is Let’s-Slap-Iran-In-Public week? Or perhaps it’s Tell-Your-Biggest-Lie day? Last I heard, Iran didn’t have any nuclear weapons, nor the capacity to produce same. Last I heard, Iran was pursuing a nuclear power generation capacity. Why then does Cheney feel the need to make a complete and utter arse of himself (again!) by making a statement which has no basis in probability? Maybe he hasn’t rattled his sword lately, and felt the compulsion to show that he still has what it takes. In the shake, rattle & roll stakes, anyway. Maybe he knows his ride on the Power Pony is just about over. Another 18 months and it’s fade away into obscurity for Richard Bruce Cheney. His fifteen minutes of fame still await him. He’s exhausted his, yours and my own quantum of infamy and perhaps that’s how he deserves to be remembered. As a liar, cheat and thief of the truth whenever it was in danger of showing itself.

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