Nov 012007

More than unfortunate, Family First candidate for the seat of Leichardt – Ben Jacobsen – has clearly and sharply defined his own position on matters of sexual preference. The man is obviously a homophobe and not backward in coming forward about his fears either.
This is cheap political points scoring of the most despicable kind. We need to remember that Family First is a party which rides on the back of christian fundamentalism, dressed up as a socially conservative party standing up for the ‘battler’. Clearly, bigotry is one of it’s vanguard policies. If anything, Mr Jacobsen has done his opponent a huge favour by declaring his narrow-minded bias for all to scorn. As for the Liberal candidate, Ms Charlie McKillop, she certainly seems to have a battle before her, regardless of her connections with retiring member, Warren Entsch, as his media adviser. The Nationals candidate, Ian Crossland doesn’t think much of her either.
Leichardt will be one to watch, for a variety of reasons, not all political.

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