Oct 192007

On the continuing subject of editorials, how’s this effort from Herald Sun Editor-in Chief, Bruce Guthrie.

The HS is yet another Murdoch rag, so it’s hardly surprising that Guthrie, or which-even minion wrote this winge, has no understanding of what satire really is, and just how sanctimonious we Aussies can be over people in our society who the majority have no time for in life, yet claim to be ‘top blokes’ when they’re dead. This editorial isn’t a complaint about shaving sensibilities too close to the bone, nor is it about ‘undergraduate’ behaviour from what is clearly Australia’s premier team of satirists and comedians. Taken completely out of context, this wailing and gnashing of teeth by the HS editorial is simply another excuse for a lash at the public broadcaster, Aunty ABC.
These regular efforts at faux concern over offended morals at the expense of the public purse are tired, especially when they originate from the Murdoch press. This one is particularly off target.

“The Chasers’ efforts will only confirm the prejudices of those who believe the ABC spends tax money to entertain an elite out of touch with the nation’s mores.”

Really? Well, statistically, “those who believe the ABC spends tax money to entertain an elite out of touch with the nation’s mores” are in a tiny minority, especially when it comes to Logie time, clearly. Perhaps the ABC ought to can locally produced comedy and satire entirely and import American or British satire and comedy programs so that tender sensibilities among a non-elite minority aren’t bruised? Out-of-touch elite, indeed! The only out-of-touch elite are those who choose not to exercise their ability to change television channels to avoid a type of entertainment which is clearly far too sophisticated for them to appreciate, let alone understand.

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