Dec 132007

I’d urge all non-RWDB types in the ‘sphere to go take a read of Janet Albrechtsen’s bloggery in today’s Oz.

It’s an absolute hoot! Dear Janet fears the ‘dogs’ of what she perceives to be the current political eras’ Orwellian pig overlords, the ever-to-be-feared-if-no-longer-openly-scorned ideological ‘left’. Chris Mitchell’s rabid right-wing guard-bitch gives every appearance of having become his timid and fractious lapdog. Why? Well, because Crikey contributor Guy Rundle has apparently declared in the virtual tome that Albrechtsen and her ilk ought to be purged from the ranks of the Murdoch rags, for the benefit of all rational persons. Sounds oh-so precious to me.
I don’t and won’t subscribe to Crikey, so don’t have any clue of what Rundle actually wrote, but that aside, isn’t it so very revealing of Albrechtsen to suddenly be calling foul because someone has had the temerity to use her tactics against her? It’s hardly unexpected, now that hard right conservatism has ceased to be the flavour of the time with a large majority of voting Australians, that those proponents of the ideology who, prior to November 24 were those who denied the ethos of their antitheses, should be suddenly running about claiming victimisation.
Harken back to the Howardian election wins of 1996, 1998, 2001 and 2004, dear reader. I recall much crowing and rationalisation of conservative doctrine by Albrechtsen, Bolt, Akerman, et al. I also recall the mutinous dogs as a majority turning against their Captain in the days prior to November 24, demanding he walk the plank, citing the very same dogma they once supported as the reason for the recommended exit. Bolt still refuses to believe climate change is a reality, but even Akerman, rather ingraciously, congratulated Rudd.
Frankly, it’s all very, very funny and smacks of that olde saw about heat and kitchens. Sticks and stones, Janet, and as you would most surely be aware, history is always written by the victors. In this case, it’s also marketed by them as well. Chin up, old girl!

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