Dec 302009

Just about to doze off last night, with Radio National playing on the clock radio on a timer, when the midnight news came on.

One of the first items being this snippet which immediately brought me bolt upright in bed, reaching for the volume control. “Robert Paul Mcjannett of Perth arrested in Bali for possession of marijuana”. When you talk of ‘What The….’ moments, that most definitely was mine for this year.

Mcjannett & I have a past, and for myself, one which created considerable angst through Mcjannett’s insistence that he not be blogged about here, simply because his name was in the public domain. Mcjannett made an inordinate nuisance of himself by simply not adhering to my polite request to be removed from his spam mailing lists. So, I wrote this followed by this twelve months later when said offending spam emails continued to arrive. Fair call, I thought. The comment box flaming was simply part & parcel of the affair. Joshua D is his son.

The issue devolved into abusive phone calls from Perth late at night & in the wee hours of the AM, all of which disturbed my wife greatly. It was all Mcjannett could do in a bid to lash out at a critic, even when the fault was entirely his. He threatened all manner of legal actions, and I laughed at him.

Now, I’m chuckling again, but in a slightly different manner. Arrested for drug possession??!!!! Somehow, I don’t think so. The Robert Paul Mcjannett I know is far too conservative to have ever exposed himself to Mary Jane, let alone been so stupid as to have carried sufficient into Indonesia to virtually assure himself arrested. I tend to agree with his employer. It’s a little bit too much like a setup for my liking. Given I know for a fact that Mcjannett is vehemently anti-Labor, anti-Union, his membership of the CFMEU is merely a vehicle intended to further his push for large scale monorail transport in Australia. Either that, or he intended another tilt at politics using union membership as a vehicle. Very out of character, given Mcjannett is most definitely NOT a Laborite of any description. That aside, I dare say his stoushes with Ken Reynolds and Joe McDonald raised the hackles of important personages within WA unionism. I’m betting McJannett was setup as payback for being “a bit of a nuisance”, in the words of McDonald.

Still…..isn’t Karma a fascinating phenomenon?

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