Feb 192011

After berating government plans to build the National Broadband Network using optical fibre backhaul, hybrid cable and wireless/satellite technology in favour of the conservative el-cheapo scheme of employing only wireless, amusingly the Con Ex is now in print making the claim of:

In wireless networks, the peak speed is achieved only when congestion is at a minimum, and users are close to mobile towers. Wireless download speeds drop significantly as users move away from mobile towers and as more people load the network.

Which is what detractors of the conservative scheme have been claiming all along. Hence support for the fibre/cable/wireless/satellite combination being the only logical path, based on physics. Further Con Ex makes no mention whatsoever about the planned satellite additions into the future. Another inconvenient truth?

From the desk of, presumably Editor in Chief, Mitchell:

Julia Gillard is right. Employees, employers and trade unions need to work together in an environment of mutual respect, which leaves no room for Mr Howes’s militancy. Until he replaces his inane, abusive outbursts with substance, he would be better off getting a real job, or a better education.

This blogger feels as though his gob has been smacked & gast flabbered. The above surely cannot have come from The Australian, let alone as an editorial. ‘Julia Gillard is right’? Nahh, can’t possibly be…

From my nemesis, Rebecca Weisser, and the aptly named Cut and Paste editorial column:

Defend the indefensible at all costs.

and lastly, an enlightened perspective on just what Conservatism ought to be from what appears to be a rational man.

A lesson in just what conservatism should be presenting itself as, as opposed to what it IS presenting itself as. Homophobic, jingoistic and disingenuous. Not your ordinary, Tony Abbott-ish, bible-bashing, homophobic, single dimensional human being. Still a conservative, and hey….we can’t all be perfect….but a rational human being with all of that. To be admired, even just a little.

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