May 092008

I’ll be succinct. Dennis does a very good job in his piece of pointing out that in foreign affairs, as in life, it’s impossible to be all things to all people. He even says as much more than once.

  One Response to “D.Shanahan – Special Subject: The Bleeding Obvious”

  1. I read weeks ago that Shannananou was leaving News Ltd for some PR gig – why is he still equivocating & dissembling?
    Is he just another drip fed hack unable to acknowledge the Rodentocracy is not just over-the-water but gornnnn… and that King Krudd is not some distressing interregnum?
    The days of Henry the K stepping in when
    “irresponsible voters” don’t get it Right are, hopefully, history. The again, maybe not esp. for so choice a piece of real estate as Oz, all those useful toys at Pine Gap, NW Cape and similar.

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