Jul 102008

For those of you who missed Q and A tonight, you missed a very public showing of a Murdoch columnist making a complete goose of himself. Of course, I’m speaking of Andrew Bolt. A more ignorant, rude and abrasive human being in a public exhibition I’ve not seen on national television for many a year. Even Helen Coonan barred up, telling Bolt to pull his head in.

According to Bolt, in response to a climate change question on the melting of Arctic ice, he made the ludicruous and out of context claim that Antarctic ice was actually increasing. Ergo, no problem? Is this man a completely vacant brained ignoramus, or does he simply clutch at straws in a bid to keep his personal denial ‘crusade’ alive? Should the human species blithely sacrifice numerous arctic species on the off chance that just maybe Bolta’s baseless claims are right? I can hear future generations asking now….."what’s a Polar Bear?"

On questions about the Dennis Ferguson pedophile vigilantism issue, Bolta’s response was to lock ’em up! Mind you, that wasn’t the context of the question. On a question regarding the parlous state of Liberal party leadership and unity, Bolta proceeds to tell us all that he doesn’t know just what Rudd stands for, then goes on to extol the virtues of John Howard, when he – Bolta – was the leader of the pack telling Howard to go when the polling was on the wall in October 2007.

My question for the panel would have to be, what does Andrew Bolt stand for?

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