Mar 292007

"Integrity never goes out of style, and it is integrity which will allow any aspirant to survive the constant examinations of political life." – Santo Santoro

ABC News Online

Indeed, real integrity, statesmanship, and personal honesty outside of party politics are admirable qualities for any prospective political aspirant. Bannerman finds the statement by Santoro to be extremely ironic, in that his integrity both as a Senator and political animal within the Queensland Liberal Party is evidently suspect. Perhaps Santoro fell victim to the all too obvious arrogance and hubris which oozes from the Howardian cabal these days? This appears evident in another of his insights into the political life.

"There is no point pretending that the media cycle will get shorter, one’s personal life will remain private or that one’s financial activities will remain unexamined."

And neither they should, to the Bannerman’s mind. Public life is exactly that. Public and accountable. If you’re not prepared for the voyeuristic demands that public life imposes, don’t enter the fray and then whine about it when sprung.

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