Jul 302007

I’m bored. I’ve just been reading through the tale of paella-eating, pinot-swilling academia at Hotel Bravo a night or two ago. Mark Bahnisch opines

“Not a huge turnout, but perhaps that was partly the midweek thing and partly the lack of an ongoing Brissie grogblogging culture. But we could certainly do with more!”

And we could probably manage it too, Mark. If only these shindigs weren’t habitually held in Fortitude Valley so that you can walk home afterwards, while others need to suffer the vagaries and dangers of public transport by night, or pay exorbitant parking fees at the risk of returning to find the parked vehicle no longer parked!

Fortitude Valley might be an appealing spot for a feed and tipple if you’re toodling home by Shanks’s, but when you’re faced with a drive from and to the ’burbs in conjunction with the other attendant ’attractions’ of the Valley, there’s little wonder you don’t see many of these events in Brisbane, or many people attending. There are other drawbacks but I won’t go deeper here.

Give some consideration to other venues in future, and you might…..might just attract a different cadre of blogger. We’re not all academics either, y’know.

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