Sep 122007

There is no conspiracy among the Murdoch rag’s right-wing columnists, anymore than the ABC refuses to employ right-wing presenters.

Or some such drivel, according to Bolt. Doubtless, from certain perspectives, he’s right too. Only from certain perspectives though.
One does wonder just why the most conservative, right-wing government this country has seen in 100 years, appoints three Murdoch journalists and no Fairfax journalists to accompany Brendan Nelson on his recent junket to Iraq. Three distinctly right-wing Murdoch journalists at that.
Nice try at dissembling, Andrew but the adults you write about, with “the brains to hear both sides of an argument and decide for themselves” don’t buy it. While we’re debunking disemblance let’s compare apples with apples. The media in this country has a good spread of the ‘left’ and the ‘right’, and I’d suggest that neither ideology outweighs the other in any significant respect. If Andrew Bolt believes so, then indeed, there must be a conspiracy of some kind which I’m missing. Obviously, Andrew would rather compare apples with rambutans by lining up News Ltd print media outlets with the Australian Broadcasting Corporation. Oh, which division of the ABC, by the way, Andrew? Television? Radio? Maybe you’d like to include the SBS in with your rambutans as well? Jenny Mackie, she’s a lefty, isn’t she?
Sort out your fruits before hurling them around, Andrew Bolt. Your aim is off, the fruit out of season and your transparency plain for all to see.

  One Response to “Debate’s Sell Papers….Apparently”

  1. You ‘oop North’ may be spared the SMH’s resident Raving Rightist but I think that was the junket onto which Fairfax’s Miranda Devine was slotted, perhaps by virtue of her father’s long association with Murdoch or perhaps solely on the strength of her own ludicrous lashing of any hint of lefty howard haters. I’m pretty sure that she used to write for the Oz or perhaps the Terror.

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