Apr 272008


In a bid to stave off the Sunday arvo blues (don’t kid me. Anyone with a nine-to-five they hate going to suffers the Sunday arvo blues), we trotted off to the flicks to see Deception

This is a Hugh Jackman produced film, starring Hugh, Ewan McGregor and Michelle Williams. It’s meant to be convoluted, mystifying, engaging and entertaining. It fails on the first three counts but makes a reasonable effort on the last. Maybe it’s just me, or maybe it’s the characters, which I have to say are so predictable it’s a wonder the three main actors weren’t wearing signs. ‘Nerdy Sucker’, ‘Smartarse Crook’ and ‘Guilt-ridden Temptress’ would suit them all well. The story’s been done before and while there are moments which make you think, on the whole the flick follows a well-worn path leading to the inevitable conclusion.
There are also some annoying inconsistencies, such as a shooting in a public park in broad daylight, but mysteriously, there’s no-one else within earshot. There’s also a dearth of fake passports which don’t look like the real thing, and one just has to ask, how does your average ‘Nerdy Sucker’ suddenly know all about securing a fake passport? I can’t say I minded the acting, which was really quite good. It’s the storyline which let’s this one down. If you’re going to see it, disconnect your credibility filter and don’t try to analyse the flick too much. 5 out of 10 for me.

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