Apr 122007

BB picks OCD contestant | NEWS.com.au
Yes, reader……it’s that time of year again…

Unfortunately, the taint and tarnish of Network Ten’s ‘Big Brother’ program has yet to make any appreciable impact on the intellectually challenged among Australian television viewers. Actually, that’s rather a contradiction in terms, if one thinks on it. Television? Intellect?
Bannerman supposes there must be some difficulty for teens and twenty-somethings still clinging to the vestiges of their adolescence in seeing through the banality which is ‘Big Brother’. Deliberate concoction of socially divisive, individually challenging cultural mountains from televisual molehills seem to be what this tired formula known as reality TV is really all about. Bung a group demographically self-important, extroverted wanna-be’s into a closed environment, apply alcohol liberally and create situations where personality conflict is the order du jour and what do you have? Apparently, a television experience which rates its socks off.
Frankly, a dedicated peeping tom with a relatively high-powered telescope could probably satisfy their voyeuristic propensities just as well, and get a suntan at the same time, by renting an apartment at Surfer’s. Mentally and physically the experience would have to be more beneficial, and just as titillating.
Bannerman is disturbed though, at this pre-launch inference that one BB contestant suffers from a form of Obsessive Compulsive Disorder. Of course, Network Ten won’t be playing that aspect of the show up in any way, oh no! Do the shows producers have any idea of the potentially destructive impact a concept like BB could have on a OCD sufferer. Oh yes, Bannerman realises that all manner of legal disclaimers and indemnities will be in place to protect the network, but what about the individual? This is stupidity of the highest order. Certainly, mental illness and it’s treatment needs a higher profile in Australian society, if only so that the sufferers are more easily understood and accepted, but through the medium of television?!??!! On a show like BB??!!!
Quite honestly, Bannerman considers this opening lead into BB2007 to be the heights of lunacy. And no, Gretel, ‘Big Brother’ doesn’t reflect Australian society any more than the Bannerman’s arsehole smells of roses.

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