Oct 282007

Just a short note on an observation made during today’s ‘Insiders’. Piers Akerman, hardly the most veracious of political commentators and definitely not a shining light in the realms of ‘citizen journalism’, or blogging had what I regard as the absolute gall to disdain bloggers from certain ideological camps for their presentations which may have appeared anti-conservative. One need only cop a read of Akerman’s blog on a semi-frequent basis to become well aware of his own ideological bias, and his less than professional means of displaying it.
Frankly, while I don’t think his slandering of the blogging fraternity in general casts any derogatory shadow across anyone but himself, it is the height of hypocrisy to dismiss one sector of the comment-sphere simply because of it’s collective viewpoint. Let’s not forget, reader, that it was Akerman who robbed the grave of the Heiner Inquiry in a desperate attempt to cast some, indeed any form of doubt on Kevin Rudd.

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