Aug 262010

The Murdoch press seem intent on maintaining the negative slant on reporting aimed at the government, begun well and truly before the axing of Kevin Rudd in June.

Evidence this article by the ever-conservative Murdoch minion, Denis Shanahan.

The three incumbent independents are seeking the same treatment as new prime ministers in demanding briefings from Treasury, Finance and Defence and half a dozen other key portfolios — ahead of the final count and before the incoming prime minister and opposition leader themselves receive such a briefing. They are also demanding both sides guarantee a full three-year term, keeping them as the centre of attention and balance of power in the House of Representatives while using their own threat of an immediate election to extract such a guarantee.

Abbott’s refusal last night to pander to the demand of the three independents to break the caretaker convention is right but will be used against him by an increasingly desperate government.

Always negative, always carping. Poor Tony Abbott, Evil, abusive Government. Thus far Shanahan has been proven wrong over & over in regard to his pretension of government attacks during this period of nihilism in the electoral process, and frankly, I see no reason to doubt that he will continue to be proven wrong. This is the nature of the Murdoch stable. Matthew Franklin’s question to Adam Brandt at yesterday’s National Press Club address proved beyond any doubt the MSM intent on casting the pre-judged jaundiced eye over what has the potential to be paradigm-changing times for our democracy.

My own belief is that the die has been cast and neither ‘red team’ or ‘blue team’ will see the way clear to adopt a cogent minority government path in concert with what appears to be three very determined, non-aligned individuals. I discount Adam Brandt entirely due to his already stated pro-Labor position. Australia must return to the ballot box if anything approaching a workable, consistent government, whatever the colour, is to be derived from the democratic process. The ‘polity’ Abbott spoke of on Monday does not exist within the present paradigm, and never will. The adversarial system is too well entrenched, especially given the hold that rightwing union elements have over Labor at present. The only way Australians will ever see true political paradigm change will be through either dire adversity, of election of a third political movement to a position of power in the lower house.

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