Feb 182013

I rarely read newspapers these days and even rarer are the occasions when I’ll waste the time necessary to read op-eds by conservative apologists.However, it’s a slow day this far, so at 0930 hours, I happened across someone on Twitter claiming this to be a pertinent article. It’s seven minutes I’ll never get back. Yes, I read passages twice just to ensure I wasn’t getting something out of context. Of course, the author is one of those conservative apologists who seldom make a valid observation without twisting in their love for all things free-market  and anti-community. This fool, Sheehan, attempts to concoct the argument that resource industries expanding their grip on once prime farming land is entirely the fault of the current Labor government in Canberra, and ipso facto, the driving cause behind the recent announcement by the Prime Minister of the September 14 Federal Election date. These idiots never cease to amaze me and what is even more smacking of the gob, is the fact that other fools actually pay them to write this crap.

Let’s remember that Labor has been in power Federally since 2007. Let’s also remember that prior, conservatism held reign for 11 years. Almost twice as long. Let us also remember that decisions regarding the tapping of major sovereign resources, from an environmental perspective, rest with the Federal government. Let us also recall that the Murray-Darling issue could have been resolved by the conservative Federal government between 1996 and 2007, but wasn’t in favour of a political divide-and conquer approach by the Howard regime.

Finally, for I feel it useless to bang on about the one-eyed mindlessness of conservatively aligned punditry in the current media paradigm, let us simply remember than neither Labor nor conservatives are likely to stymie resource innovation or expansion when this country’s economy depends so much on the ongoing income to be derived from digging holes in the ground. I note that the alternative Federal government – conservatives – aren’t in the least concerned about the encroachment of miners into agricultural zones, preferring to resurrect 100 year old ideals for turning back rivers to create inland seas, build vast dam networks so that water can be utilised to create gardens of plenty in areas which are virtual deserts in Northern Australia. These ideas have been raised so many times they fray at the edges from flapping in the breeze of so many jaws jabbering over time. So Cubby Station is a vast wastrel of water resources through evaporation. Would the conservative plan for Australia’s future be any better?

Utter nonsense, Paul Sheehan and pathetic writing. Even more pathetic political commentary. I strongly suggest you stick to writing columns on sustainable gardening, given your supposed concern about feeding future generations.

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