Sep 232011

If ever there was a case for proclaiming Chris Mitchell as the head of Conservative campaign strategy, numerous articles in today’s Australian must surely support that argument.

That the loss-making Murdoch-owned outlet is engaged in a campaign of political regime change is beyond doubt. That Murdoch outlets in general are aiding and abetting is equally clear and present. Which Murdoch outlets have ‘blogs’ authored by Government members? None that I’m aware of.
Of course, the counter argument being that the Murdoch media is only preaching to the converted, however it is crystal clear that the converted consist of a cadre in Australian society who are politically naive, disconnected and all too willing to be frightened by the sloganeering and sound-biting of the coalition parties. We are still, after 15 months, yet to see cogent policy announcements from the coalition on:

  • Asylum Seekers/Immigration;
  • address of Climate Change in any relevant detail;
  • infrastructure issues in support of Resource Industries;
  • rational proposals for wealth accumulation from the mining boom;
  • relevant reform to the taxation regime for workers as well as corporates; and the BIG one thus far unaddressed
  • Industrial Relations

As the supposed alternative government, we, the voters, have not been shown anything even remotely associated with alternative policy from the coalition parties. Continual opposition of government policy on every level, without pronouncement of alternatives, is simply opposition for the sake of opposition. It is also clear that without the assistance of the 70% Murdoch-owned media conglomerate in this country, coalition parties would not be getting the oxygen needed while on policy life-support. Further, we see no critical analysis of coalition policy failings, especially in regard to the $70b budgeting black hole revealed by Treasury in relation to the meager economic proposals produced by the coalition parties. All we ever see is faint praise via the avenue of government criticism.
It must be said, in all fairness, that government has allowed itself to be spooked by all of this conservative collaboration between the Fourth Estate and Her Majesty’s opposition, instead of simply getting on with the job as required by the people. Who gives a damn about where Asylum Seekers – whether they come by boat, plane or Shanks’ Pony – are ‘processed’ and why this ‘processing’ needs to be conducted off-shore? Who cares what known climate denialists think, do or say when it comes to addressing the most pressing ecological dilemma to have faced humanity since as a species, we stood upright & left Eastern Africa? Who cares what Alan Jones and a bunch of gullible dumb-fucks in trucks want, when they are nothing more than a rowdy, ill-mannered and disrespectful minority, sulkily wanting things their way because at last election, things didn’t go their way. For fuck sake government….get on with it!!!
As to all the speculation about Kevin Rudd and another blood-letting, he’s already categorically ruled out challenging for the leadership. The man is no dummy, he knows the party despises him and always has done. The only reason he led Labor to an election victory was his 2007 populism among the great unwashed. It’s reasonable well known in Labor circles that the party would tolerate him only as long as he remained popular. He’s only popular now in relation to an extremely unpopular usurper. I personally don’t believe he has the vibe Labor needs to restore its fortune and carry another election in 2 years time. I also don’t believe he, as an individual, is stupid enough to challenge for a leadership he was clearly denied in Caucus 15 months ago. A week in politics might be a long time, but 15 months in Rudd’s case is not long enough. The vindictive streak in the man will undoubtedly see him deny any entreaties that might exist for a comeback, simply so that those who deposed him can be effectively disposed of through an election loss. I don’t doubt for a moment that he will return to the party leadership, but not as Prime Minister and not before 2013.
There’s a long row to hoe in this political tale, and it will unfold in good time as it is democratically intended to, with or without the efforts of Chris Mitchell, et al. What conservatism and its apologists can’t accept is that it has no solid core, only a brittle outer shell that looks shiny at the moment. Like a Faberge egg, there is nothing under the glitter and finding out how much nothing will be an expensive exercise.

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