Jul 032007

President Bush’s decision to commute the sentence of I. Lewis Libby Jr.was the act of a liberated man — a leader who knows that, with 18 months left in the Oval Office and only a dwindling band of conservatives still behind him, he might as well do what he wants.

Never a truer word written. I wondered, as I listened to Bruce Shapiro give his weekly commentary on this case on LNL over past months, just how long Bush would wait until pardoning Libby. I’d have punted for a little longer, but that would have risked running into the Presidential Primary season. The upshot being that he’s done the unthinkable anyway. Cronyism? Every day of the week. As the NYT article states, Bush has nothing at all to lose, so he might as well look after his mates. I’d claim this as a travesty of justice, but the U.S. judicial system doesn’t seem to have any sway, so how can there have been any justice to have bee debased?

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