Aug 092007

Clearly Alexander Downer met his match when he deigned to take part in a high school media program.
Shades of ‘how dare you, you impudent young pup!’ and ‘respect your betters young man!’ I’ll bet that Dolly won’t be putting his conservative sensibilities in the way of concerned potential voters again anytime soon.

  One Response to “Dolly the Grouch”

  1. In 1983/4 I had the doubtful pleasure of watching a young(? was he EVER young?) Dolly trying to appeal to a corwd of Syndye uni & inner city types. Despite the audience, his ‘swishy’ body language was just so OTT.
    I’d had loved to have seen him being grilled by a teenager who has not yet been ‘levelled’ into deferring to dumbarses for the sole reason that they’re (a) older or (b) in postions of authority (for the moment).
    Just not enough of that damned forelock tugging these days.
    Bye bye Rodent & your ratbags.

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