Apr 022012

So, Tim Flannery is an unreliable source of information on Climate Change.So reckons Gemma Jones, Murdoch stable ‘journalist’ Well, for the record, here’s Professor Tim’s qualifications. Of course, this isn’t the first time the Oz has attacked Tim Flannery, indeed, anyone who dares to stand and offer an opinion against the standard conservative denialist mantra.

Anyway, back to Tim. If you were after climate change information, in other words, the real science behind for phenomenon you’d at least seek out a climatologist, not a  palaeontologist or mammalogist. Sure, Tim’s a hell of a smart guy, but what he’ll tell you about are the symptoms of Climate Change as his educated opinion sees it. Indeed, to get a proper overall view on the issue, you’ve need to speak with …

  • An astrophysicist ;
  • A meteorologist;
  • A geologist;
  • A palaeontologist;
  • A zoologist;
  • A biologist;
  • An ecologist

… in fact just about every ‘ist’ that science learning produces. This business of button-holing one outspoken individual on an issue as complex as planetary climate change in the context of human-induced atmospheric pollution is at best ignorant of reality, at worst, blatantly fraudulent posturing on the part of those who refuse to acknowledge the proven scientific outcomes & peer-reviewed results from decades of research. And Gemma Jones’s qualifications on the subject matter? Eight years of pencil-pushing at some nameless editor’s behest, working for a cabal which has form in bribery, corruption and corporate subterfuge. I know damn well who’s opinion I’d seek out if I wanted to know how to push a given line of opinion without producing anything factual to back it. It wouldn’t be Tim Flannery.

On that level, Tim’s about as unreliable as is possible to be. Just don’t go asking Gemma Jones about climate change. Get my drift?

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