Jul 072009

Seems our Gerard has been hiding his light. He’s a qualified psycho-therapist…….apparently.

Well, what can one divine from today’s issue other than Gerard just wants to be appreciated for his analysis? The PM uses media criticism and spin creation as a diversionary tactic in the middle of a media feeding frenzy, and suddenly Gerard comes out with the gob-smacking announcement that Kevie just wants to be loved.

“Over time political spin loses its clout. The democratic leaders who make an impact are rarely loved while in office and demonstrate little sensitivity to criticism. In the past, Rudd had adapted his persona to meet new challenges. There is unfinished business here.”

Get your hand off it, Gerard. This is a career politician and diplomat you’re attempting to analyse. A creature of the politically inspired 24/7 media cycle. Love and personal desire have nothing whatever to do with political strategy and the tactics employed by politicians in their dealings with the media. The media, especially those tabloid avenues like the Daily Telegraph, are instruments to be played by the astute politician. The only gratification involved is that self-satisfactory feedback a pollie might get from a well-played media piece.

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