Apr 132007

PM credits IR laws for jobs surge – National – smh.com.au
workchoices - a difficult draw

“I do believe, after a year – and a year in which 276,000 new jobs have been created – it is reasonable to assert that one of the contributions made to this spectacular growth in employment has been the removal of the unfair-dismissal provisions under Work Choices,” – Little Johnny Howler

Kevin Andrews tried it on, Joe Hockey has tried it on, Eric Abetts and Nick Minchin have both had a lash, but up to now, Little Johnny hasn’t tried to pull this particular bow right back.
Whether or not Workchoices can be said to have been the total, partial or even miniscule causal effect behind current job creation statistics remains undetermined. There is no definitive data stating so, in fact, economic, industrial and social demographic stats do tend to indicate that other factors are principal.
The Howardian cabal still has not released anything of substance in regard to unemployment results, aside from their own in-house rhetoric, and quite frankly, Bannerman considers that were a piece of legislation to have any impact on job creation statistics, it surely could not be considered in isolation to be the one and only impactor over a 12 month period.
Still, in an election year, when your three-legged horse is running well and truly behind the pack as the field turns into the back straight, belting it hard with a long bow is as likely to make it get up and bolt as anything else the jockey might try.

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