Mar 292008

What is it with American politics that any behaviour apart from the lily white, starched sheet kind attracts flies like a hot dung pile in summer?

Apparently, Eliot Spitzer is a “disgraced former governor” because he utilised the services of prostitutes while proselytising against prostitution. Silly man and all for the want of power. Does that make the man a dangerous miscreant? He’s simply a man. A fallible man who, for whatever reason, has found satisfaction of a very basic need in the thing he started out spruiking against in order to gain power & position. Is he evil, wicked, mean & nasty because of that? Not at all. He’s a human being, just like all those other human beings who now want to point fingers and call names. We all seek recognition, power and position. We simply seek it in different measures.
Now we read that he’s linked to other call-girl rings. Bugger me! Makes the world’s oldest profession sound like some kind of addictive substance peddling organisation linked into organised crime. It’s a business. Women selling their bodies and sexual talents for a price. Supply & demand. If demand didn’t exist, supply wouldn’t either. QED. There’s a reason prostitution is labelled as “the world’s oldest profession”.
So, a politician….an elected representative, decides to dip his wick into a paid honey pot. Good for him, I say. Whatever state his marriage happens to be in is surely his concern and ONLY the concern of he & his wife. Clearly, from her visage on the news media, she’s known of his propensities for quite some time. Strange as it might seem, quite often people make tacit arrangements just like that.
I fully realise that societies like America form structures upon which they build mighty moral edifices, but they fail to realise that despite the seemingly pleasing facade, the structure beneath is no better nor worse than any other societal structure throughout the world. Prostitution has a place in any progressive society and needs to be recognised as such. What this says about American society, I leave to the imagination of the reader.

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