Sep 162007

Today is race day at Sandown. The Just Car 500 for V8 Supercars. The main race hasn’t started as I type this, but will do in 10-15 minutes. So I thought I’d acquaint you with one of the absolute essentials of motorsport analysis. Beer!
There’s a few leftovers from yesterday’s fiftieth commiseration and this little beauty is one of them.


A very hoppy, fruity flavoured ale….lager actually….it’s a taste which I quickly took a liking to, and I’m a XXXX man at heart. Just goes to show that there are beers and then there are beers. The better ones are coming from an ever increasing number of boutique breweries around the country, especially from W.A.
Anyway, the main race is about to start, so…..cheers!

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