Jan 192011

I know full well I’m a cynic when it comes to the media in this country, however when one sees this kind of inclusion in what purports to be the ‘national daily’, I know there is some serious dumbing down going on.

Then there’s the unfortunately anticipated, sniping and cat-clawing between what passes for professional and ‘new media’ in the form of Crikey. I continue to ask just what purpose Cut and Paste serves outside of Chris Mitchell’s faceless thrust and parry with what he clearly sees as his nemesis. That Caroline Overington, a journalist of supposed high calibre, allows herself to be manipulated in this fashion either speaks much for the hold Mitchell has over her, or flies in the face of her vaunted professionalism.
Then there’s the inevitable Brown Baiting, to be expected from conservatively partisan corners, following Bob Brown’s call on the weekend for the major Queensland coal companies to contribute to the re-building of flood devastated communities in Queensland. Predictably, all ideologically opposed news media outlets have chosen to interpret what Brown had to say as “coal miners caused floods” which is most definitely NOT what is written or suggested by Brown.
This is the sad state of affairs in Australian politics at present, with the divide between Labor/Green and Conservative ideologies being deliberately widened by a rabid, partisan media exercising a fanatically zealous crusade against an ideological foe which is painted uniformly black without any consideration given to the political realities. Anti-Labor forces are currently bereft of any discernable policy direction, other than repetition of banal three-word slogans, while Labor forces seem to be caught in the headlights of this directionless juggernaut, continuing to claim that budgetary surplus will be achieved by 2013, despite the estimated $20b-plus in rebuilding cost following almost nationwide floods. On the sidelines watching this gladitorial bout of blindman’s bluff sits the electorate that in general doesn’t give a hoot either way, save for the inevitable minority of rusted on supporters personally denigrating the parentage of the other through sheer lack of proper understanding of the aforesaid political realities.
I find this descent into irrelevancy by media and politicians alike, appalling. No facts, no substance only rhetoric, hyperbole and endless bitchiness and sniping from the bleachers. What has happened to the considered and rational Australian? Why must our society be seen to be going the way of the American system where everyone calls names & no-one understands the facts? Why do we allow people like Imre Salusinszky to make light – nay, belittle – the serious issues confronting our society by pretending that esoteric global issues which have no direct impact on us here & now are any more important than addressing immediate concerns like Climate Change? I do note though that Salusinszky uses the time-honoured reference to the contrarian bug-bear, Global Warming, when pretending that what passes for pseudo-science supports his claim. Again, only rhetoric, hyperbole and sarcasm. No substance or content.
The media circus, for surely it is just that, in combination with our current crop of obdurate elected representatives all vowed & declared to ignore the needs of those who put them there, seem hell-bent on ensuring the general populace knows less that three-fifths of seven-eighths of sweet fuck all, as quickly & conclusively as possible. The ignorance among the younger generations on matters of import bears this out. Unwilling to educate themselves, they take on board whatever pap they are fed as holy writ, never to be challenged. I see this daily in social media, where discussions are not existent, yet logical fallacy rules.
Wake up, Australia! It’s a common enough turn of phrase, perhaps too common. No-one pays it much attention anymore. Little wonder, we’re being molded into a nation of dullards, bigots, nihilists, luddites and conspiracy theorists. Ye Gods….dare I say it, just like America! Wake the fuck up!!! Start thinking for yourselves! Open your minds, both eyes & ears. Learn to question, challenge, and above all else, relate to your fellow Australians to find out what they think, feel and want. We used to do those things. We used to be egalitarian. What happened to it all?

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