Jun 152011

And so the battle goes on.

Today I receive email from ‘JuneClippers’ a pseudonym for some faceless bod in Twitter support, San Francisco, which accuses me of:

  • Creating serial and/or multiple accounts with overlapping use cases; and
  • Cross-posting Tweets or links across accounts

Neither of which I have ever contemplated or engaged in. I have only ever had maximum three accounts at any one time, two of which were not active at all while the main account was being used. The logs will bear this out. Neither have I ever impersonated another user, or cross-posted tweets or links between accounts. I don’t see the point & apart from that, doing so contravenes the rules. David Thiessen has, and continues to do so, as evidenced in yesterday’s post.

Naturally, I have responded to ‘JuneClippers’ requesting that he/she/it back these ridiculous claims with evidence which refutes my own. Again, I won’t be turning blue holding my breath waiting, but it seems that if one continues responding the support ticket remains open. That’s precisely what I intend doing.

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