Dec 052006

Fiji is now under it’s fourth Coup de tête in the last twenty years. This one by far the most insidiously crafted and most clumsily conducted.  Commodore Bainimarama has blatantly flouted Fiji’s constitution, basically ignoring it’s intent and casting scorn on it’s purpose. The common people have no say and it’s the common people for whom democracy is meant to hold the country in faith for. It’s yet another disgusting turn of events for that sorry nation, and one which will undoubtedly occur again unless the constitution is amended, removing the power over civilian administrators which the military continues to hold.

While it may well seem hypocritical of John Howard to decline the request for military assistance from Prime Minister Qarase, especially in light of the blindly faithful adherence to US demands Howard indulged in by taking Australia to war in Iraq, your Bannerman is in agreement with Howard in the withholding of military aid. Fiji – like Iraq – is not Australia’s fight and she must make it’s own way in the political and economic world. The Bannerman’s sympathies go to the business and general communities of Fiji during this difficult time. I trust……I hope, that Fiji in the future will see it’s way clear to hobble a rampant military.

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