Feb 122008

It’s out! It’s been released!

I understand the hesitance of the government to give these words to the media too soon, but thank the powers we’re there.
The words are good. The words are well defined, non-person specific, on behalf of governmental instrumentalities and non-reflective of Australian societies, past or present. Well done on behalf of the authors, as I’m certain there must be more than one.
It is to be hoped that the apology is accepted in the spirit in which it is offered. I seriously doubt it will be. Monetary compensation as a part of this ‘Sorry’ episode is not, should not be and must not be considered as a part of the process. Even the Beatles agree that money can’t buy love, and after all’s said tomorrow, I’m sure the core of this exercise will remain focussed solely on engendering that oft misunderstood human emotion. Didn’t a carpenter recommend to love one’s fellow man?

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