Oct 232006

Global warming is now clearly a real issue. Why do I say this? Well, it must be because John Howard is admitting so, judging by his subtle, but defined sidle up to the stance.

The PM has even gone so far as to admit that Australia has a dedication to coal-derived energy production. Certainly, there are ways and means of cleaning up this technology, but one suspects that $230 million is not only insufficient funding, but just how much will be directed to renewable energy production research, and how much will be re-directed to the as yet unattainable technologies for cleaning up caol-fired power stations?
$230 million over what time period? We’ll need to await the resumption of Parliament next Monday so we can find out the details. Sounds to me like yet another distracting tactic. When is the Cole Inquiry due to hand down it’s findings? Hmmm….24 November. Perhaps the week just gone placed more than comfortable heat on the Government by virtue of the Opposition’s daily attacks over the Government’s retiscence to address the issue of our troops assigned to Iraq.
Watch these pages for further opinion on these matters next week.

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