Mar 112011


I thought I’d post here a couple of pics from the Spaceflightnow website, of Discovery’s homecoming early yesterday morning Australian time.

I usually sit up to ride the flying brick home, and have done whenever I was able since the loss of Columbia. Sadly, this time, 0257 hours AEST was just too early in the AM for this tired old body to cope with. I know, that with the re-vamped safety procedures and double-checks for ablative tile damage, the likelihood of an orbiter being lost through damage incurred on launch is slim, but space, even Low-Earth Orbit space, is a hostile environment.


In further news of the US Space Shuttle program, with two flights remaining, one each for Endeavour and Atlantis, the next launch is the former orbiter on April 19, all going well. Endeavour is currently on her way to launch pad 39a as I write this.

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