Jan 152007

If you’re of a similar vintage to the Bannerman, you’ll remember the fizzer that Comet Halley was 21 years ago. Such a dramatic disappointment as a visual spectacle and no end-of-the-world impacts at all. Terribly sad.

Now, we have C/2006 P1, otherwise named for it’s discoverer, Robert McNaught, an amateur astronomer currently observing courtesy of Siding Spring in New South Wales. Tonight, 15 January 2007, was supposed to be the peak naked eye observation chance, but in reality, and for hammer-chewers like Bannerman, a day either side doesn’t make a whole lot of difference. Anyway, Missus Bannerman screwed up the surprise by wasting this evening’s opportunity on her grandchildren. Now she knows, Mister & Missus Bannerman will be heading for a high point just prior to tomorrow’s sunset. Hopefully, the weather will be clear, hot and slightly hazy come sunset.

Photos by tomorrow evening, as they say in the classics, at 11:00pm

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