Sep 112013

The hypocrisy is mind numbing. flyunitedalpLess than a week after Labor’s election loss – a loss much less painful than it might have otherwise been under Gillard – several so-called luminaries are again calling for Kevin Rudd to resign from politics entirely. These people were the very same who ‘welcomed’ Rudd back upon his re-birth as Prime Minister having previously castigated the man for his ambition with clearly unfounded accusations of internal leaks and undermining of former PM Gillard. Politics is a nasty game played by essentially nasty people driven by ambition. This is well understood, but Labor seems to have driven the game to new low levels over recent years.

The fact that a ravening media doesn’t help the cause for stabilisation should by now be well understood within the Party, ensuring that this internal unrest remains within the Party. What is the point, everytime some wanna-be journo shoves a microphone in front of a former or current Parliamentary Party member, in unburdening all the individual angst against one man for what is personally perceived as disloyalty to some obscurely defined collective loyalty, when that unburdening is the very element which is gnawing away at the fabric of a once great and united political force? It is crystal clear and has been for many years now that factions within the Labor Party don’t like those who are unaligned. Rudd is proudly unaligned. Rudd is for the movement and ideals of Labor, and for himself. These people like Craig Emerson, Tony Burke and those being given oxygen in the media on a daily basis now, seem to forget that disunity is political death. A lesson the conservatives have learned well.

Why should Rudd resign and leave politics anyway? The man won his seat of Griffith, he has a constituency to support and be a part of. Does Labor really want a by-election immediately after a Federal poll, which will hand to the conservative candidate, Glasson, a gimme for the taking? Do certain people within the Party hate Kevin Rudd that much? The time is now come and gone where those pointing the accusing finger look just where the other three fingers in their hands are pointed. The time is NOW when the ethos of STFU needs to be proselytised and held fast to in the rebuilding of the laudable political movement of the people I grew up with and now enjoy membership of. Leash the media hounds, throw them only the scraps from the Party table. Keep them hungry and get them trained. Work as a united force, keep everything in-house, rebuild the Party we all want, and need, preparing to recover government in 3 years time. Forget about one man. Focus on the many as a whole. We can do it if the will to be united exists.

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